Temple of nudges

Temple of nudges slot review

The Temple of Nudges video slot machine features a payout percentage of 96.03%. You’ve got 243 ways to win and there are lots of bonuses such as re-spins and Nudging reels. The maximum win you could reach is 87.48x the complete bet per spin. Worth checking how blessed you are! You have a total of 5 reels and then 3 rows of symbols. So there are no actual paylines.

Bonus functions

There are several symbols on the video slot machine. All symbols are piled. Greater symbols are the tiger, sloth, monkey and an anteater. In case you’ve got 5 then you get between 6 and 9 coins. In case you have your display filled with tigers, you may receive 87.48x your whole bet. This is well worth it and hope to see you conducting these tigers. Other symbols pay well, but less than the tiger. Additionally, there are bonus purposes and we would be delighted to explain more about this to you. This way you know what else is possible with this Temple of Nudges video slot machine.


In case you have attained a winning combination then the reels require down 1 position. This will continue until there are no longer winning combinations. At times you can easily make two or three mixes and this can ensure a wonderful payout.

Re-spin Feature

When you find a re-spin symbol on the reels and then you’ve got a winning combination then it will become exciting and then you can hold all of the winning symbols and find the free re-spin. This can be quite profitable and only offer extra exciting moments that you play.

To get a good idea of ​​the prizes you can win at Temple of Nudges, we suggest that you consult with the prize table. If you start this you may see which symbols are available, but also how many you need and which prize you can win. You also realize that your bet will help determine how much you can get.

Additionally, the greater your wager is, the higher the payout will be in the event you win. That’s the reason it’s great to see how much you may miss, but remember to continue to gamble responsibly. Only play with money you really can miss, so that gaming doesn’t get you in trouble. But in case you’ve seen the prize table at Temple of Nudges, you may notice how fast prices can be gained.

Practice Temple of Nudges for free

When you’ve got no idea yet if you wish to play real money on the Temple of Nudges video slot machine, you may even use the opportunity to first practice at no cost. You actually pay nothing for this and you don’t run any risk of losing money. It’s purely about having the ability to master the rules of this game, so that you can also become familiar with the casino. Everything goes on in one go and you know what to expect.

Bear in mind that you can not win any money , as it’s purely about understanding how betting works on Temple of Nudges. But in case you ever need to feel the tension of gaming and you don’t have any cash to invest, you can even practice at no cost. This is possible wherever and whenever you need, also on mobile devices.

Play for real cash or use bonuses

When a video slot machine is well valued then you can play with real money. That is why it’s good you know how that works. For that you should have your own account in a casino and you have to also have enough balance. You bet this on the Temple of Nudges video slot machine. But before the time comes, it is far better to enroll first what has been organized in a couple of minutes. Then you can first get acquainted with the casino then make the option to deposit money. You can choose how much money you’re going to deposit. You may check out what’s responsible for you and everything you could really miss gambling.

You know it is a game of chance and that gain and loss are close together. When it’s your 1st deposit, it is often rewarded with a 100% bonus and that can become quite high. Extra play money for you only fascinating to get the maximum from it. Be sure that your bonus cash has to play freely depending on the conditions. We therefore suggest that you experience this in advance so you know where you stand. After that you can put a wager on Temple of Nudges with your own money and that may begin from $ 0.25 per spin. This is possible up to a maximum of $250 per spin and may therefore be very rewarding.

At an online casino you can also have free spins as a present and those are additional spins (free). You can find this with a deposit or any time a new video slot machine was launched. These can also occasionally be bet on Temple of Nudges and then you can have more chances of winning.

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